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We are Artifex Animation Studios, a Visual Effects and 3D Animation company.

Montreal is one of the biggest poles in the world for VFX services, full of giant VFX studios that strive to work on every blockbuster that set the norm for the medium today. While the work of these studios inspires us, our mission here at Artifex is to produce high-end visual effects for non-blockbuster achievements. We want to deep dive into every project and be involved with them as early as possible in the process. We believe everybody should be able to have creative and transparent visual effects that help push their narrative, and this is exactly what we pride ourselves on doing. Our regular clients come to us as they are writing their scripts so that we can help mold their stories according to their budgets and ambitions.

A.A. Studios is not a typical “line work” studio. We are a collective of experienced artists, that believe in a horizontal hierarchy, where we all come together with our ideas and passion, to put everything we have into each project, big and small.

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Connecting Dots

Artifex is Latin for creator, and we love how it sounds like “art & effects”, which is what half of the studio focuses on. ​


The other half focusses on 3D animated environments and promos for television shows and documentaries that air on National Geographic, Discovery channel, Nova, and Science channel. ​


This enables us to maintain our teams and be able to swap them from one type of production to another. Our 3D team can come and build photorealistic environments for the VFX team, and our VFX people can help add a bit of pizazz to the animated productions. This has been our recipe for success for the past 15 years!

Connecting Dots

Want to know more?

In 2024, we’ve decided to grow our business out to the international market. Striving to provide the same “up close and personal” relationship that local producers have come to admire and seek out from us. We want you to feel like we’re in the office with you. The conversation will remain open day in and day out.

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